A lot of people have decided that they will begin to raise chickens at home. Some people want to raise them for the meat, but the majority of people want to have a source of fresh eggs, that are laid by chickens that are not stuffed with steroids. The free range chicken also has salmonella in smaller amounts than the mass produced birds do.

In order to be able to accomplish building a simple chicken coop does not always take blueprints for a chicken coop, but having a chicken coupe designs to look at before you start can sure be handy. Some people already know everything required for how to build an easy chicken coop, because they were raised up around people who kept these birds.

The easiest solution to finding chicken coops to build is to look online at some of the web sites that provide blueprints for chicken coops. This will give you the opportunity to study the ideas, and designs for the different projects. Some sites will even offer design specifications on how to build portable chicken coops.

If you have never raised these birds you probably do not know how much they love to eat things that are green. Grass is green, and when you place their house and run in an area they will make short work out of consuming everything green that they can get to, both inside and outside their fencings. If you construct a cage for them that can be moved, or repositioned, you can provide them with fresh green things to eat, and you will be providing the area where the pen was located before with rich fertilizers to help more grass to grow.

You may have to consider chicken tractor plans to be able to move your portable chicken pens around. The people that do have containments that can be moved have very healthy chickens, as long as they remember to give them wormer twice a year. All that fresh green vegetation is wonderful tasting to them, but it is also one of the ways they get exposed to intestinal parasites. They will be fine though if you will just purchase a wormer designed for use in poultry. You will have to provide them with wormer regardless, because even without the vegetation they can be infected with internal parasites.

Where you choose to place your new pets will make a large difference in which design, and what materials you use for construction. Do remember not to pick out a spot that stays wet a good deal of the year. You are looking at plans for houses, not chicken ark plans. These birds do not do well if they have to stand in water, or mud. This causes problems with their feet, and introduces several parasite problems. Think about the area you have selected, and consider how it is during every season.

While you are online checking out the different designs and blueprints remember to check what materials you will need to construct each pen with. You want to make certain that you can easily get the materials needed to replicate the project, or that you will at least be able to purchase a suitable substitute. It is always beneficial to discover details such as this before you decide on and purchase a set of plans.

If you live in an area that has a high concentration of owls, you may want to look into building your chicken yard with a wire top. You can also take monofilament and string it across the top of the yard. Birds of prey such as hawks and owls have excellent eyesight, when they see this monofilament they recognize it as a trap and will not fly into the pen. You see they wait until the moment is just right and swoop down, and get out very quickly. If they do not see that fishing line you strung across the top, then they will get tangled in it, and be unable to injure your birds. Try and remember these birds of prey are merely looking for dinner, they mean nothing personal by their assault on your fowl.

If you find a design that you think will look attractive on your property, and will serve the purpose you need, then you should definitely get the design plans and construct a habitat for your poultry to live in. You will get a lot of enjoyment from the birds, as well as some great eggs. Having your own supply of free range eggs is priceless.

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