I am Ernie Jones, and I  love chickens and really enjoyed building my own chicken coop(a.k.a. koop for the hardcore enthusiasts).  Well, I found out that chicken coops are a lot more involved and complex in some areas that you might first think.  Although, building a chicken coop is really simple with the right plans and understanding of what your chickens need, but just building any type of coop can be disastrous.

So, I have been learning alot about my chickens and their housing and shelter needs. So, after looking at a lot of different websites, I realized none of them really provide a good, all in one site for everything you need to know about building and owning a great chicken koop.  So, I decided to write about my knowledge and share it with other chicken owners.

In this website, you will find a lot of information, which I believe is truly informative, and which I took some time to research, write and put onto the site. Please look around the site and you will find articles on types of chicken coops, chicken runs, chicken food and living conditions, chicken exercise and even some information on chicken ownership and their health, and I really encourage you to sign up for and get my FREE mini course that I think you will find very helpful and enlightening.

One thing I learned not only doing the research but when speaking with other Chicken Koop owners; building the right coop can be fun, easy and can actually add to your overall chicken experience.